Fengshui Dog 风水吉祥狗


Size: 35x35x98mm     Material: Liuli Glaze Glass

Color: Blue+Green, Yellow+blue, Purple+Green, Amble 4 colors.

This Fenshui Prosprity Dog is designed to increase baby's luck. It has 4 different colors and customers can choose lucky color to  balance baby's five elents. For example, If a baby is found that he lacks water in his five elements calculations, he can choose blue color stamp to strengthen his fengshui in the future. 

尺寸:35x35x98mm     材质: 琉璃

颜色: 蓝绿, 紫绿,黄蓝,琥珀色。

这款高端风水吉祥章是风水师设计来平衡宝宝的八字五行金木水火土,从而起到助运聚财之效果。比如说小宝宝测算出五行缺水, 他就可以定制蓝色琉璃章来补水,催旺本身运势。 

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