Huatsing Package N1 才气傲人


1. red sandalwood dragon/phienix baby brush;

2. Big "Four Wealth" umbilical cord stamp;

3. "Iceberg" crystal hand/foot prints;

4.  Big Liuli Dog;

5. Rosewood display shelf.

6. Baby Hair Pedant. 


1. 红檀木全雕龙凤胎毛笔;

2. 大四喜脐带章;

3. 冰山型水晶手脚印;

4. 红酸枝木展示架;

5. 大琉璃狗;

6. 胎毛坠子。

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Taimaobi Huatsing Baby Souvenir

All brushes are handmade at our Woodlands workshop @ Primz Bizhub with thousands of years historical "Water Comb" method, we give our sandalwood brush lifelong warranty.


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Taimaobi BabySouvenir 華新胎毛笔

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