Huatsing Offer E8


1. "Water comb" making Sandalwood/Camel bone scholar brush, engraving baby name, birthday and wishing words.

2. Crystal zodiac umbilical cord stamp, with baby name engraved on the bottom.

3. High Quality Wood frame,  even the back is the wood. we'll refund if customer finds same quality frame in the market. 

4. Free home visit and baby haircut service included.

5. Customers can change designs in the package, the price will change accordingly. 


1. 千年水梳法制作的紫檀木驼骨浮雕状元胎毛笔1支, 刻宝宝名字,生日和祝福语。

2 .水晶虎章,放脐带胎发, 底部刻宝宝名字。

3. 全实木笔框, 背板也是全木。 如顾客找到同等质量笔框,華新将退还笔框款项。 

4. 免费上门理胎发。

 5. 顾客可以改变笔和章的款式, 但价格会相应改变。 

If homevisit service, we will bring samples to show customers. Customers can decide after viewing samples. 如果顾客选择上 门服务,我们有带样品给顾客现场选择。

If customers want to know making process, they can visit our woodlands workshop during operating hours Mon-Sat, 10-6pm.

 顾客如果想要了解生产过程,可以来我们兀兰工坊了解更多(拜一到拜六 10am-6pm)。 

For purchasing process details, please click: How to Order   

For auspicious items preparation, please see other customers on our Facebook

  All Huatsing Babysouvenir packages prices are Net prices, including all engraving, homevisit and haircut service. umbilical cord will be processed and safely kept. No hidden cost!


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Taimaobi Huatsing Baby Souvenir

All brushes are handmade at our Woodlands workshop @ Primz Bizhub with thousands of years historical "Water Comb" method, we give our sandalwood brush lifelong warranty.


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