Huatsing Offer A4

The price quoted includes free home visit and baby haircut. 此价格包含免费上门及剪胎发。

Only $238, this package has the two lifelong lasting products to perserve your baby's first hair and umbilical cord. The red sandlewood brush and umbilical cord stamp are simple but cost effective.  这一配套可以让父母用仅仅238元买到两样可以珍藏一生的产品,将宝宝的脐带和胎毛妥善的保存起来。红檀木立雕龙/凤笔可以在新加坡潮湿的气候下不腐烂发霉,可保存上百年。

1.  Red Sandalwood Brush with engraving baby name, birthday and wish words. 红檀木立雕龙/凤笔包括刻宝宝的名字,生日和祝福语。

2.  An umbilcal cord stamp with Chinese name on the bottom. 小金鸡/猴脐带印章内可放胎毛,底部包刻宝宝名字。

3.  The normal boxes will be provided with free of charge.

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Taimaobi Huatsing Baby Souvenir

All brushes are handmade at our Woodlands workshop @ Primz Bizhub with thousands of years historical "Water Comb" method, we give our sandalwood brush lifelong warranty.


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