Are you looking for proved and trusted baby barbers for your baby's first haircut? Do you want a professional , hygienic, joyful and smooth baby haircutting service with peace of mind? We have very rich experience and ensure parents not to worry about any matters regarding it. Here are basic knowledge and tips:

1. Can baby haircut be only “Botak” style?

There are 3 styles for parents to choose: First is to shave completely to be bald, also known as Botak. Second is to keep 3mm, 6mm or even 9mm hair, we call it Durian Head style. Last one is to trim to get hair for making souvenirs only, the baby hair shape looks same as before.

1. 是不是一定要剪光头?

一般有三种剪发选择:剪光头,榴莲头和取发。剪光头就是剪光,但用手触摸能感觉到毛根。榴莲头就是留下3mm,6mm 或更长;取发就是通过剪薄头发能收集头发作胎毛纪念品,但婴儿的头发看上去就像没有剪过一样的。

2.Why is baby haircutting at home best?

After haircutting, there are broken hair and residues left on baby s scalp, baby will feel itching and irritating. If haircut is done at home, baby can take a bath immediately and change clothes! More comfortable and convenient!


婴儿理发后,头皮上会有残留的头发,这会导致婴儿痒和不舒服,如果在家剪发, 婴儿可在剪完后马上洗澡并换上新衣,舒服!方便!

3. When are the best moments for baby haircut?

Parents can choose any convenient moment for baby haircut. Traditionally, there are some lucky moments:

Full month: Perfect and Happy

48 days: Strong and Prosperous

60 days: Double full month

100 days: Long living to 100 years

Four months: Everything is smooth

3. 宝宝理发什么时候最好?

宝宝满月: 寓意幸福满满,团团圆圆



宝宝百天: 寓意长命百岁,健康长寿


4. Is the baby haircut necessary?

Most newborns have dirty layers of fat on their scalps after birth and they are difficult to be washed off at dense hair part. In Singapore‘s humid weather, some babies are likely to grow cradle caps and dandruffs. Shaving baby hair can help completely clean scalps and reduce risks of cradle caps and dandruffs.

Another reason is the growth of new hair. Baby hair grows in mother’s womb with a water surrounding condition. After birth the environment changed, just like a fish lands off water, so that baby hair will automatically drop off in the next few months. Shaving off baby hair can expedite the dropping process and help baby grow new hair smoothly.

4. 为什么婴儿要剪头?

①清洁原因 新生儿刚出来时,头皮上有一层油脂,在新加坡这种湿热的气候下,这层油脂如不及时去掉,就会催生湿疹和婴儿头垢的问题,尤其是某些婴儿局部头发非常浓密,如不剪掉,根本没有办法清洗掉里面的油垢。一般情况下,即使婴儿已经长出了很多的头垢,在剪过头发后的大约一两周时间后会彻底消失。


5. Is baby hair cutting dangerous? Any potential risks?

It is safe if you engage an experienced baby barber’s service. Before haircutting, shaver and scissor have to be sterilized. When shaver works on baby’s scalp, the shaving angle and strength must be well controlled and barber must be careful, responsive and alert especially when dealing with cradle caps, wounds and swelling caused by birth operations.

5. 婴儿理发危险吗?


6. Is there any traditional ceremony for full month hair cutting?

For Chinese tradition, some parents would like to prepare 2 red eggs, some spring onions, 2 oranges and possibly, mee sua. Need to say, it is optional and up to parents.

6. 婴儿理发是否有什么传统仪式?



With rich experience and standardized procedures, Huatsing can provide parents with professional, safe, hygienic and smooth baby haircutting service. We ensure parents have a peace of mind when engaging our service.

Baby haircut will be Free if you purchase any of our souvenirs package. If parents prepare auspicious itmes, our staff will help do blessing ceremony.

You can click Make an Appointment to fill up your preferred date and time in the form then submit to us. We will contact you to confirm again one day before your selected homevisit date.

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