How to Order ?

I would like to purchase your products, how can I go ahead?

There are 2 ways :

A. You can come to our Woodlands workshop to place order, the operating hours are Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm. The workshop location: 21 Woodlands Close, #02-08 PrimZ Bizhub Singapore 737854.

B.  You can make an homevisit appointment to your place with your preferred date and time slot. This service is provided everyday without additional charges in Singapore. On appointment day, we will shave baby hair, show customers products samples and accept order. The roadmap of homevisit appointment is :

2. Why do most customers choose home visit service?

a. Comfort and convenience of baby haircut at home. After haircutting, there are some broken hair and residues left on the scalp and baby will feel itching and irritating, so that baby usually needs to take a bath immediately and change clothes.

b. Customers can use our service at their preferred date, time and location without additional cost. Because our service staff will bring product samples, customers can see real products at their homes so they can save travelling time and costs.

3. I have seen your packages on line, do I need to purchase on line first or can I decide on the appointment day?

Most customers decide after viewing product samples. If customers book homevisit appointment, our staff will bring samples and catalog for customers to view. Customers can see more samples on our woodlands workshop.

4. Can we make a homevisit appointment on weekends?

You can make a homevisit appointment any time including weekends. Normally on weekends we have more appointments. However, if your preferred date/time is fully booked by other customers, we will contact you to set a new appointment date/time.

5. What is the minimum requirement for home visit service? Is there any additional charge for homevisit appointment?

Homevisit and baby haircut services are free if you purchase our products above $108, there is no additional charge for home visit service, even on weekends, public holidays.

6. How long in advance do we need to book home visit appointments?

Normally you can book appointments 1-2 weeks in advance. However, if your preferred date/time falls on weekends or a specific time (like Fengshui calculated time), you need to book as early as possible to avoid the situation that timing slots are fully booked by other customers.

7. How can I book appointment?

a. Submit appointment on line:

b. Call sales hotline: 6710 7760 to tell us your preferred date/time, home address and contact number.

c. Facebook private message:

* If within 3 days to your appointment day, please call our hotline 6710 7760 to check the date/time availability.

8. What are payment methods? Can I pay by credit card?

You can pay with PayNow, Paylah, Google Pay, Cash, Cheque. We do not accept credit card.

9. What do I need to prepare for the appointment day’s baby haircut?

Most customers prepare: 1.   two red eggs 圆圆满满,  2. some spring onions聪明, 3. two oranges 心想事成, 4. mee sua 长命百岁, with 2 red packets for containing baby hair in a red tray. Need to say, it is optional and must be prepared by parents traditionally. For more knowledge about baby haircut, please visit Baby First Haircut

10. My baby hair is little, can it make taimaobi? We are concerned that it is not enough to make.

Most taimaobi has 3 sizes: big, medium and small, certain designs even have slim size. If baby hair is little we can do small or slim size brush. For some cases, we can trim parents hair to mix if customers want bigger size.

11. I am interested in a package but I want to change taimaobi or umbilical cord stamp to another design, is it ok?

Yes, you can change taimaobi or umbilical cord stamp of standard package to another design, but price will change accordingly.

12. How long we can get our products?

Normally if just taimaobi brush products with box, customer can get it 3-4 weeks. 2 in 1 package with baby info background need 6-8 weeks. If Express service, need 7-10 working days with additional charges. Crystal products must get customers to prove the layout draft then start making, will take 2-2.5 months.

13. Can you put my baby umbilical cord stamp into your brush frame? We want to hang them in the study.

We do not put umbilical cord stamp in the brush frame even we can do because it has bad meaning: hanging up stamp traditionally means an office holder failed to survive and lose his position.