Preserve Baby's Memories

BabySouvenir provides one-stop solution to keep your baby’s precious first hair, umbilical cord and cute hand foot prints forever.

Baby Hair Brush 胎毛笔
Umbilical Cord Stamp
Baby First Haircut
Baby Chinese Naming
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Baby Hair Art

Turn your child’s hair into

a special keepsake

Our most popular product is our baby hair brush, which draws upon the ancient Chinese tradition of Taimaobi. The hairs are collected from your son’s or daughter’s first haircut and turned into delicate calligraphy brushes, which come packaged in your choice of box or frame with the option to add a short but inspiring quote reminding your child how much they are loved. In addition to our Taimaobi souvenirs, we can turn your baby’s hair into striking jewellery,
decorations, cute framed paintings, or horoscope icons.