Customer Reviews on our Premium Taimaobi

If you’re considering a personalised Taimaobi to create a special memento for your toddler but are unsure about the quality of our products, take a look at what our happy customers have to say. Our ability to generate such positive Taimaobi reviews gives you the assurance that you are investing in a priceless keepsake for the most precious person in your life.

Why do customers love our Taimaobi?

We at Baby Souvenir are equipped with all the necessary skills to produce artistic calligraphy brushes from your baby’s first hair! You can select from different variations to create a customised hair brush as per your preferences, and these can include everything from imitation wood cases to genuine red sandalwood and rosewood cases. We have received nothing but positive Taimaobi reviews from our customers, who are delighted with the quality of our fine products.

What makes our Taimaobi stand out from the rest?

We provide a complete selection with over 4 categories and 200 products for parents to choose from. Our Taimaobi reviews illustrate how satisfied our customers are when they receive premium-quality products at cost-efficient prices. With immense expertise in the baby care industry, we deliver streamlined services and products to all our valued clients. We blend traditional practice with contemporary processes and procedures to create both safe and durable products which can be treasured for a lifetime! But don’t just take our word for it – take a look at our customer reviews!

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Boy was I glad… And now I can confidently advise all parents or parents-to-be to compare and check out Taimaobi BabySouvenir華新胎毛笔before going ahead to make these pricey (and yet priceless) momentos!

—— Steven Teo, The ‘Perfect Father’ blogger. The Father of 5.

Thank Huatsing for making my 2 kids’ taimaobi and umbilical cord stamp souvenirs. After engaging Huatsing’s service in 2015 for my son, I was impressed with the quality of products, competitive price and good service. Now I have received my daugher’s products and highly recommend Huatsing to my friends and relatives.

——Desmond and Sherlyn


—升杰 & 晓玲

We highly recommend Huatsing BabySouvenir. Huating made my son’s taimaobi and umbilical cord stamp in 2016 and the whole process is smooth, professional and impressive. So we engaged Huatsing for my daughter this 2017 to make her unique souvenirs, the finished products are really wonderful…

— Yao Chen & Yoke Fen

我的两个儿子的胎毛笔和脐带章都是在華新订制的。 产品质量好,性价比高,服务贴心,提供免费理发服务而且理发非常专业。


—-Benny & 美贤

Huatsing help made my son’s taimaobi and umbilcal cord in 2015 and my daughters in 2017.We are very satisfied with products quality, designs, price and service! Hghly recommeded!


德营 & 青风

Happily engaged Huatsing’s service again! we engaged huatsing service in 2015 and now for my daughter!

Good quality, good price, good service!

Kelvin & Anna

This is my second time to use Huatsing’s service! very professional, caring and experienced! Thank You James!

daughter Jazlyn and son Jasper
Huatsing made nice souvenir products for my daughter Jazlyn a year ago. We are very satisfied with high quality products, resonable price and best service. So that we are happy to engage Huatsing service again for my son Jasper this year!

We bought Huatsing “Three Treasures Package” fro both my son YaoEn and daughter JiaEn. They are wonderful souvenirs to keep my kids’ baby hair, umbilical cords and cute footprints! Highly recommend!

This is the second time we engaged Huatsing’s service. Pruducts quality is very good, price is reasonable and service is excellent! ——树松 & 俐凤

we are recommended by our friend who was a Huatsing’s customer. very satisfied with pruducts and service. we are not convient to collect so they deliver to our tampinese house! very impressive! ——-佑远 & Rylyn

we drove to Huatsing woodlands workshop from KL Malaysia to order a whole package for my son, we visited the hand making workshop and learnt more about maobi. The finished products are really good, we are so excited… ——-文利 & 丽英

We want to give my daughter a wonderful gift when she grows up. We finally choose Huatsing because we know what we want before baby first haircut, due to Huatsing’s product pictures ,listing prices and detailed descriptions on line. The finished products package is a masterpiece.. ——-炎詳 & 俐君

It is a happy experience with peace of mind! Huatsing make its products and prices accountable and transparent so that we can know the difference and decide rationally. Highly recommended! ——– Roland & Eunice

We made an appointment and went to Huatsing workshop@woodland for my son’s haircut and taimaobi souvenir. With the visit, we knew more about taimaobi-making and ordered classic one for my son. Both products and services are excellent and they even provided home delivery service! —— Gary & Trella

We engaged Huatsing homevisit service and ordered Taimaobi package for my son. Products are wonderful with excellent service! Very satisfied! —— Jason & Stella

我们为女儿茗萱定制了華新经典:书香世家,包含胎毛笔,脐带章,手脚印,胎毛坠子和琉璃福物,寓意祥瑞,独一无二,非常满意!—— 希达 & 依星

After watching and comparing for more than one year, we finally chose Huatsing to make my son’s lifelong unique souvenirs! Products & services are excellent!
—— 永康

I ordered a full Huatsing package for my son, the quality is really good and the service is excellent. ——Nancy

After having compared carefully taimaobi products and companies in the marketplace, I chose Huatsing: taimaobi is locally made but price is reasonable due to its Factory sale mode! I got high end products for my son.

I ordered a Huatsing package for my son and I also ordered a Liuli Dragon Stamp for myself. The quality are very good, there is almost no air pore and water wave shadows inside! I am very satisfied! —— Chong Sheng

I chose Huatsing Baby Souvenir because I knew their staff has been in the industry for 9 years. I also had a peace of mind when they were shaving my baby’s hair. Now I received the products, the quality is really good, especially the Liuli horse! It is a happy and joyful experience indeed! —— Linda

I have got to know James for many years and I know he is the expert in this industry. Therefore I chose Huatsing Baby Souvenir. It’s really a joyful and relaxed experience! Besides the excellent service, both product quality and price are also very good! —— Irene

I live at Woodlands and my daughter is 6 months old, she did not need to shave hair so I made an appointment to Huatsing Woodlands workshop to place order. There are some special packages which prices are very competitive. I took the special package C and now I received the products, it’s quite nice and impressive! —— Sharon

I am a satisfied Huatsing customer. Luckily I chose Huatsing Baby Souvenir because I not only received the high quality products, also got the best service as well! —— Mrs Lim

My daughter is 5 years old but I kept her hair so that I can make a set of Taimaobi which is quite unique. It will be a lifelong souvenir for my daughter! —— Cathie

It is really a joyful experience to engage Huatsing service! Best products! Best service! —— Weiwen & Qianzi

I am delightful to engage Huatsing to make my son’s souvenir, I am very satisfied with both the products and service! —— 锦丰

I purchased a Huatsing Liuli horse, the quality is really good so I bought another package for my friend! They are unique souvenirs and gifts for our kids! —— Evelyn

I bought Taimaobi and umbilical cord Liuli wealth horse stamp, both my mother and son are attracted by the colourful and beautiful Liuli horse, which is really high quality! —— Cheryl

Yuanshu was smiling when he received his once in a life time souvenir package. They are good product, good gift and best wishes! —— 爱格