With shaving more than 10,000 babies in Sinapore, James shares some tips for baby first haircutting:

1. During haircut process, parents are encouraged to say some words or sing songs to baby who can feel safe and relaxed. Haircutting process is more likely to be smooth.


2. Mums are encouraged to feed babies before appointment time. If a baby is very hungry during haircuting, mums should feed baby first then continue haircut process.


3. When a baby is sleepy during haircut, parents can wait for a while, usually baby will fall asleep very quickly then haircut process can continue.


4. Before haircutting, please check baby’s diapers and change if it is wet, some babies are very sensitive.


5. Better in a cool environment because air fan has to be switch off to avoid blow hair away. Some babies can not stand hot weather.


6. After haircutting, baby need to bath or wash head because there are some broken hair left on baby’s scalp and baby will feel itching. If baby falls asleep parents can let baby sleep on the baby bed but need to put a handkerchief under baby’s head, this is to avoid broken hair drop on the bed sheet.


7. Some of parents want us to shave baby’s eyebrow and it can be done safely. But usually we do not cut baby’s eyelash.


8. At most situations, baby haircut is a smooth process. However, some babies are very sensitive and may cry, but we can take many ways to comfort baby and continue the haircut process.


There are some situations parents are very concerned: some babies have thick cradle caps, some babies have birth bruises and lumps, some baby just had vaccine injection, we have rich experience to handle.