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Brush Prices Range from$28 to$688.All are made at our Woodland Workshop with unique”Water Comb”method,which is the best to make premium brush.All Wild sandalwood brushes are provided with lifetime warranty.

Singapore’s Specialist Tai Mao Bi Crafters

Bestow good fortune upon your little one with a beautiful baby hair brush from Baby Souvenir.We offer a wide range of unique designs which employ both premium materials and sublime craftsmanship.Once an ancient tradition practiced amongst affluent families throughout China,tai mao bi are becoming increasingly popular amongst parents who want to find a unique way to celebrate their new baby and create a gift to give them later on in life.Baby Souvenir is one of Singapore’s foremost producers of tai mao bi and create stunning commemorative brushes that your family can cherish for many years to come.

A Short History of Baby Hair Calligraphy Brushes

In ancient China, it was traditional for babies to have their heads shaved bald when they reached full month. This was part of a cleansing process before the baby entered the religious temple of its community. The calligraphy brush tradition developed as a result of this practice, with parents having the brushes made to bestow good fortune on their children during the imperial examinations. Legend has it that a calligraphy brush made from the first cut of hair from a baby is the best that money can buy. This is because of the unique tapering quality of the new hair, something which happens only once in a lifetime. Regardless of whether or not your child becomes a scholar, the gift of a calligraphy brush made from their baby hair is something unique, intensely personal, and full of love. Our master craftsmen are some of the best in SG and can construct the brushes using a wide range of materials from durable sandalwood to precious agate. Celebrate the miracle of new life with a masterfully crafted tai mao bi from our SG studio.