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An umbilical cord is known to be the most intimate point of contact between a mother and her baby.It is a symbol of the mutual love that exists between every newborn and its mother,and is also termed as‘Wealth Stamp’,owing to the belief that it brings good health and wealth to the baby.At Baby Souvenir,we provide a comprehensive collection of uniquely-designed umbilical cord stamps for you to choose from.Our selection of traditional zodiac designs allows you to choose the corresponding design for your baby’s birth year,and thus usher in good luck for your tiny one!

Unique Selection of Stamps

Our variations of umbilical cord stamps can store both the umbilical cord as well as your baby’s first hair,which makes them a valuable keepsake.We also engrave the baby’s name in Chinese on the stamp itself,which makes it a personalised item to be cherished in the years to come.Our Zodiac series encompasses all 12 animal signs present in the Chinese zodiac,which makes them a highly-auspicious choice.You can select from a complete selection of quality finishes designed in vivid colours to customise stamps to your liking,and turn them into lifetime souvenirs.