1. Prices showing on line are net prices? Any vouchers or hidden cost?


Prices showing on line are net price including baby haircut, homevisit and GST.  We do not have any hidded costs. 

We do not give vouchers.  Can you guess who will pay the cost eventually if everyone can get this kind of voucher? When you buy over-priced products, you will still pay more after using voucher. Huatsing do not engage this kind of gimmick and just give our customers the lowest price with high quality products. 

Huatsing is the only company which showing prices clearly on line.  Why other companies dare not to show prices publicly? why? The more the customers know the materials and prices, the least chance they will buy same products with double price! Huatsing ensure customers have a peace of mind when engaging our service and encouraged customers to our woodlands workshop to know more! 


2. I am interested in your products, how can I go ahead?

You can see page How to Order for details. 

3. Why do most customers choose homevisit service?

Homevisit service makes newborns and mums stay at comfortable homes to avoid inconvenience outside. After haircutting, there are some broken hair and residues left on the scalp and baby will feel itching and irritating, so that baby usually needs to take a bath immediately and change clothes. Customers can make homevisit appointments to shave baby hair, see samples as well as place orders.


4. What is Taimaobi, or baby hair brush? how much is the price?

Simply speaking, it is a kind of calligraphic brush made from baby first hair. Nowadays, it is a souvenir more than a writing tool.     The price of taimaobi starts from $28, depends on the materials. In Singapore, sandalwood brushes are very popular becasue of its durablity. You can browse our calssic taimbaobi prices: http://babysouvenir.com.sg/our-products/taimaobi/c-series and deluxe taimaobi prices: http://babysouvenir.com.sg/our-products/taimaobi/g-series.


5. Why taimaobi designs in the marketplace look quite same?

This is because the supplier of taimaobi holder is the same.  In taimaobi industry, we buy brush holder from supplier, then engrave baby’s name, birthday and wishing words on it, process baby hair to install to become a taimaobi. In Singapore, no company can make taimaobi holder themselves! So that if you have any taimaobi photo, we can 100% guarantee to make exactly same one for you. 


6. What is umbilical cord stamp?How much is the price?

It is also called "wealth stamp", because umbilcial cord provides nutrition and oxgen to baby in the womb so that antient people believe it can bring wealth to baby. Huatsing uses high quality liuli and crystal to perserve baby's umbilical cord in well-designed stamps. it is not noly beautiful and meaningful, but permanent as well! You can browse price: http://babysouvenir.com.sg/our-products/umbilical-cord-stamp/stamp-series.


7. What is baby hair art products?

Baby hair art are new, modern and fashionable ways to keep baby hair. We have perdant, jewellery, bracelet, painting and horoscope series to cater to parents' different preferrences. these products are also suitable to those parents who do not want to cut Bodak style.


8. If my baby has dense cradle cap, or has lump and bruise on the scalp due to birth, can baby do haircutting? 

Normally there should be no problem because we have rich experience to handle. Please read our Baby First Haircut for more knowledge and tips about baby haircut.


9. If my baby hair is little, can I make taimaobi or  baby hair painting for my baby?

You can make small size taimaobi for your baby but you can not make baby hair painting which needs more hair.  You also can choose our small baby hair art procuts like jewellery, bracelet and horoscrop etc.


10. Why taimaobi boxes have tiny air spots on the wood surface?

Because we use real wood rather than plywood, real wood has air spots but is endurable and reliable.


11. How long can I get my ordered products?

Due to the customization, taimaobi and umbilical cord stamp will normally take 2-5 weeks to complete. Express service of 7-10 days is available but customers need to pay an additional cost.  Baby hair art products and hand foot prints will take 1-2.5 months to complete based on categories. Once products are ready, we will contact you.


12. Can I come to your workshop to place order? 

Yes, you can come to our workshop to place order. Please call us to make an appointment so we can serve you better.


13. How can I know the hair on products is my baby's hair?

Each baby's hair is subtlely different due to size, colour, curl etc. After shaving baby hair, we will leave some samples to parents,  who can compare it with the finished products. Huatsing takes very serious and strict procedures to process and make products. If customers have any doubt, they can refer to further means like DNA test.

Taimaobi Huatsing Baby Souvenir

All brushes are handmade at our Woodlands workshop @ Primz Bizhub with thousands of years historical "Water Comb" method, we give our sandalwood brush lifelong warranty.


Hotline: (+65) 6710 7760

Email: info@babysouvenir.com.sg 

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