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Prices showing on line are net price including baby haircut, homevisit and GST. We do not have any hidded costs.

Huatsing is the only company which showing prices clearly on line. Why other companies dare not to show prices publicly? why? The more the customers know the materials, prices, and making methods, the least chance they will buy low quality products with higher price! Huatsing ensure customers have a peace of mind when engaging our service and encouraged customers to our woodlands workshop to know more!

You can see page How to Order for details.

Homevisit service makes newborns and mums stay at comfortable homes to avoid inconvenience outside. After haircutting, there are some broken hair and residues left on the scalp and baby will feel itching and irritating, so that baby usually needs to take a bath immediately and change clothes. Customers can make homevisit appointments to shave baby hair, see samples as well as place orders.

Simply speaking, it is a kind of calligraphic brush made from baby first hair. Nowadays, it is a souvenir more than a writing tool. The price of taimaobi starts from $88, depends on the materials. In Singapore, sandalwood brushes are very popular becasue of its durablity. 

It is also called “wealth stamp”, because umbilcial cord provides nutrition and oxgen to baby in the womb so that antient people believe it can bring wealth to baby. Huat Sing uses high quality liuli and crystal to perserve baby’s umbilical cord in auspicious stamps. it is not noly beautiful and meaningful, but keep cord safely and  permanently as well! 

Baby hair art are new, modern and fashionable ways to keep baby hair. We have perdant, jewellery, bracelet, painting and horoscope series to cater to parents’ different preferrences. these products are also suitable to those parents who do not want to cut Bodak style.

Normally there should be no problem because we have rich experience to handle. Please read our Baby First Haircut for more knowledge and tips about baby haircut.

You can make small size taimaobi for your baby but you can not make baby hair painting which needs more hair. You also can choose our small baby hair art procuts like jewellery, bracelet and horoscrop etc.

Because we use real wood rather than plywood, real wood has air spots but is endurable and reliable.

Yes, you can come to our workshop to place order. Please call us to make an appointment so we can serve you better.

Each baby’s hair is subtlely different due to size, colour, curl etc. After shaving baby hair, we will leave some samples to parents, who can compare it with the finished products. Huatsing takes very serious and strict procedures to process and make products. If customers have any doubt, they can refer to further means like DNA test.

There are 2 ways :

A. You can come to our Woodlands workshop to place order, the operating hours are Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm. The workshop location: 21 Woodlands Close, #02-08 PrimZ Bizhub Singapore 737854.

B. You can make an homevisit appointment to your place with your preferred date and time slot. This service is provided everyday without additional charges in Singapore. On appointment day, we will shave baby hair, show customers products samples and accept order. The roadmap of homevisit appointment is :

a. Comfort and convenience of baby haircut at home. After haircutting, there are some broken hair and residues left on the scalp and baby will feel itching and irritating, so that baby usually needs to take a bath immediately and change clothes.

b. Customers can use our service at their preferred date, time and location without additional cost. Because our service staff will bring product samples, customers can see real products at their homes so they can save travelling time and costs.

Most customers decide after viewing product samples. If customers book homevisit appointment, our staff will bring samples and catalog for customers to view. Customers can see more samples on our woodlands workshop.

You can make a homevisit appointment any time including weekends and night. Normally on weekends we have more appointments. However, if your preferred date/time is fully booked by other customers, we will contact you to set a new appointment date/time.

Homevisit and baby haircut services are free if you purchase our products above $58, there is no additional charge for home visit service, even on weekends, public holidays and nights.

Normally you can book appointments 1-2 weeks in advance. However, if your preferred date/time falls on weekends or a specific time (like Fengshui calculated time), you need to book as early as possible to avoid the situation that timing slots are fully booked by other customers.

a. Submit appointment on line: http://babysouvenir.com.sg/make-an-appointment.html

b. Call sales hotline: 6710 7760 to tell us your preferred date/time, home address and contact number.

c. Facebook private message: https://www.facebook.com/taimaobisouvenir

* If within 3 days to your appointment day, please call our hotline 6710 7760 to check the date/time availability.

You can pay fully, or you also can pay deposit first, and then pay balance after receiving products. We accept cash, cheque or bank transfer. We do not accept credit card.

Most customers prepare: 1. two red eggs 圆圆满满, 2. some spring onions聪明, 3. two oranges 心想事成, 4. mee sua 长命百岁. With 2 red packets for containing baby hair in a red tray. Need to say, it is optional. Some do not prepare them. For more knowledge about baby haircut, please visit Baby First Haircut

Most taimaobi has 3 sizes: big, medium and small, certain designs even have slim size. If baby hair is little we can do small or slim size brush. For some cases, we can trim parents hair to mix if customers want bigger size.

Yes, you can change taimaobi or umbilical cord stamp of standard package to another design, but price will change accordingly. E.g. if you change package E1 C7 brush to C9 brush, the package price will be same because 2 brushes’ prices are same; If you change to C16 brush , you need to top up $30 because C16 brush’s price is $30 higher.

Normally if just taimaobi brush products with box, customer can get it 3-4 weeks. 2 in 1 package with baby info backgroud need 4-6 weeks. crystal products must get customers prove the layout draft then start making, will take 1.5-2 months.

We do not put umbilical cord stamp in the brush frame even we can do because it has bad meaning: hanging up stamp traditionally means an office holder failed to survive and lose his position.

Products Material Knowledge

1. Taimaobi Material Knowledge

Taimaobi,is a kind of calligraphic brush made from baby’s hair. It is the best way to keep baby’s precious first hair and turn it to be a souvenir. Taimaobi holder can be made by various materials, which will largely decilde the price of a taimaobi in return.

Taimaobi holder material can be bamboo, cloisonné, rosewood, normal sandalwood, wild sandalwood, normal ox horn, camel bone, yak horn, agate jade etc. Bamboo is the cheapest material but easy to rot. The most popular material to make Taimaobi in Singapore is wild sandalwood, due to durability, hardness and density. Compared to normal material cloisonné, painted rosewood, ox horn etc, sandalwood taimaobi can last lifelong time and can be polished in 20+ years. Also its price is cheaper than expensive agate jade. Wild sandalwood has some designs that normal materials cannot do: it can engrave dragon/phoenix, can install small stamp on top, can embed silver line, can install wooded cap…. A wild sandalwood taimaobi can easily be kept to the moment that baby grows up

2. Umbilical cord stamp

Umbilical cord stamp is basically a stamp with baby name engraved on the bottom. However, in the body of stamp, there is cylinder tube to contain baby’s umbilical cord.(can also keep a bit hair). Due to sealing and isolation, umbilical cord won’t decay and will last long time. As such, it is the best way to keep baby’s precious umbilical cord.

The most popular material for umbilical cord stamp body is crystal and Liuli(Glaze)琉璃。

Crystal is totally transparent, no pores, no cloud inside. It has many colours but most popular colours are blue, pink, and golden. These crystal are man-made and the best is Swarovski crystal. We Huatsing use K9 crystal, which light transmittance is above 1.5.

Liuli is another popular material. It has air pores and colourful clouds inside. Different from crystal which is single colour, liuli can be mixed colours. Due to different color patterns, each liuli is unique.

The price of both crystal and liuli depends largely on the size and design. Normally, bigger stamp price will be higher. Some designs of liuli( such as limited sets from liuli gongfang琉璃工坊) could be expensive.

3. Box/Package Box/Frame

The packaging box/frame becomes more and more important in recently years, because most parents want to pass taimaobi & umbilical cord stamp as a gift to their babies when they grow up. The possible moments? 21 years old/ Graduation from university/ Marriage time or special occasions.

However, if parents want box/frame are in good condition at those moments, they usually choose wooden lasting box/frame, which make souvenirs more beautiful and noble. Fabric box is cheaper but vulnerable, can not last long time.

Tips: How to compare in the marketplace? What gimmicks customers should avoid?

Pay less or reasonable price for a high quality product! Most customers would agree with this guideline. However, in taimaobi industry, Often customers are overrated due to confusions and gimmicks. Here we give some tips:

  1. Does a taimaobi company provide product price list and details? Especially lasting package: wild sandalwood + wooden book shape box/single box + liuli stamp?
  2. Vouchers. Is the voucher equals cash or has T & C? most importantly, do you know the price and products details before using it? If a $100 product is set at $250, do you know it?
  3. If you hear taimaobi price is from $38 to $400, can you ask: what is $38 maobi? Made from bamboo, or normal wood? Have name engraving? How may designs with $38-100? (don’t say only 3 designs). How many designs within $100-$200? How many designs within 200-300? majority?
  4. Same as taimaobi, what is $38 stamp when hearing price from $38-388? Material? Has name engraved? How many designs for dog year? (don’t say there is only 4 designs ).

Lasting packages(e.g: Wild sandalwood brush + Liuli/crystal stamp + Wooden box/Frame) are most popular choices for parents. then you will know why some other company hides price or just shows fabric non-lasting package. It is a gimmick and make customers have illusion that price is not high. in reality the price for lasting package could be 40%-200% higher compared to same Huatsing Lasting packages.

Huatsing Baby Souvenir Pte Ltd is very famous for making lifelong lasting Taimaobi & umbilical cord stamp products. Since it is founded in 2014 by a group of veterans in this industry, it have served more than 10,000 babies and achieved a 100% satisfactory rate.

Customers are sincerely invited to visit our Woodlands Workshop. What you see is more than what you hear! You will know why Huatsing has so many customers and is the only company showing price on line!