Are you looking for proved and trusted baby barbers for your baby’s first haircut? Do you want a professional , hygienic, joyful and smooth baby haircutting service with peace of mind? We have very rich experience and ensure parents not to worry about any matters regarding it. Here are basic knowledge and tips:

1. Can baby haircut be only “Botak” style?

There are 3 styles for parents to choose: First is to shave completely to be bald, also known as Botak. Second is to keep 3mm, 6mm or even 9mm hair, we call it Durian Head style. Last one is to trim to get hair for making souvenirs only, the baby hair shape looks same as before.

1. 是不是一定要剪光头?

一般有三种剪发选择:剪光头,榴莲头和取发。剪光头就是剪光,但用手触摸能感觉到毛根。榴莲头就是留下3mm,6mm 或更长;取发就是通过剪薄头发能收集头发作胎毛纪念品,但婴儿的头发看上去就像没有剪过一样的。

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