Why Us

Why us? 选華新,开心,放心,安心!


1. Lowest price guaranteed! For same quality and material products, Huatsing

ensures that our prices are lowest because we do not have heavy shop rental

and hospital advertising cost. 



2. Show price publicly on line, no hidden cost and gimmicks! Most customers

have little knowledge about taimaobi products and materials, so we put our

products and price on line that customers can know them better before

appointment. This is also to ensure customers that our quality and price is





3. More products, more choices and unique designs.

We have a wide range of 4 categories of more than 200 products for parents to    

 choose. No matter single product or package, you will get one you like! Surely!             



4. High quality with good meanings.

Almost all products are made from high quality materials like sandal wood, liuli,

crystal and silver etc., they can be kept for lifelong time. What’s more, love, best   

wishes, good luck as well as blessing are main elements for our product designs.    

我们选用檀木,水晶,琉璃, 纯银等上佳材料制作以保证产品能长久保存。每 



5. We have strong expertise with Singapore’s most experienced personnel in baby  

industry. We are able to provide best services and products to our customers.



6. We apply very strict process and procedures to ensure the safety and durability of

our products. Moreover, taimaobi is made by a traditional “water comb” method

which has a history of 2000 years. 

我们有非常严格的生产流程管理程序来保证产品的安全和耐用。 胎毛笔甚至



Taimaobi Huatsing Baby Souvenir

All brushes are handmade at our Woodlands workshop @ Primz Bizhub with thousands of years historical "Water Comb" method, we give our sandalwood brush lifelong warranty.


Hotline: (+65) 6710 7760

Email: info@babysouvenir.com.sg 

Taimaobi BabySouvenir 華新胎毛笔

21 Woodlands Close, #02-08,

Primz Bizhub  Singapore 737854

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