Fengshui Stamp Dragon


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Size:35x35x98mm Material:Full Liuli 全琉璃

Color:Blue+Green,Purple+Green,Amble color.

If your baby’s name is from a fengshui master, who can tell you the lucky color.  IF not, our fengshui master will list your baby’s five elements, Daymaster and recommend lucky colors.

This wonderful Fenshui Prosprity stamp is designed to increase baby’s luck. In another words, to increase baby’s health, marrage, career and wealth.  It has 3 different colors and customers can choose lucky color to balance baby’s five elents.For example,If a baby is found that he lacks water in his five elements calculations,he can choose blue color stamp to strengthen his fengshui in the future.We can help find the lucky colors if customers do not know it.

Baby name is engraved on the base,customers can choose preferred font.

Usually it contains either baby umbilical cord or hair,or both.

Umbilical Cord will be processed with two ways to keep:way one is to coat a layer of gel so as to isolate it from air;Way Two is to fill transparent gel to the stamp tube.Customer can choose either way.