HuatSing Offer S1 书香满屋


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The price quoted includes free home visit and baby haircut service.


1.Ebony Sandalwood brush$178,with engraving baby name, birthday and wishing words;

2.Full Liuli umbilical cord stamp with baby name engraved on the bottom $228.

3. High class Wooden book-shape Package box $140.

4. Usual total price is$546, promotion price is$358 with discount(-$188)。

5. If engraving baby name on the side of book box, there is additional charge of $40.

6.If homevisit service, we will bring samples to show customers. Customers can change designs, but price will change accordingly.

7. Our quality is better than the silimar products in the marketplace. If someone has this kind of products, please bring to compare. Direct face-t0-face comparison speaks louder.

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If customers want to know making process, they can visit our woodlands workshop during operating hours Mon-Sat,10-6pm.